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What We’ll Cover

Pitching/Cold Calling


Advanced Objection Handling

Question Based Selling

NLP and Framing 

Lead Strategies and Follow Up


And More

What You’ll Learn

Do you want to level up your game and push boundaries you didn’t even realize you had? This event is an investment in yourself that you will not regret. These speakers have trained over 10,000 sales professionals, in over 14 different industries, B2B, B2C, & D2D. 

If you are a sales expert, or just starting out, we have something to offer you! No matter what level of experience you have, or what industry you are in, we can help you succeed. In this 2 day event, we will dive into your sales process and go over everything from processing to closing. This event will help you 10x with your current sales process. It’s one thing to learn sales on our videos, youtube, courses etc. But, it’s another thing to come live and ROLE PLAY. We will break things down for you face to face. Get the right coaching in body language, tonality, and phrasing.

There is nowhere to get better sales training than from these three.  They are sick of seeing all these conferences that leave you motivated, confused, and yet not equipped with tactical sales skills that convert to closing deals and earning more commissions. They want to change that and they have created this event to combat this issue. They know how to equip you with the ability to close more deals. Come ready to learn from their expertise.


Day 1 – April 28

8am-9am Registration/Networking
9am-10am Brad Lea – Provocative Strategies to Win the Sale
10am-11am Jordan Stupar
11am-12pm Sam Taggart
12pm Lunch
1pm-3pm Andy Elliott – Become an Elite Sales Warrior
3pm-3:30pm Break
3:30pm-5pm Rene Rodriguez – Harness the Power of Neuro-Science to close more deals
6pm End of Day 1
7:30pm-10:30pm *VIP Dinner

Day 2 – April 29

8am-9am Registration/Networking
9am-10am Carlos Reyes
10am-11am Cody Askins
11am-12:30pm Role Play w/ Sam and Andy Elliott Workshop
12:30pm-1:30pm Lunch
1:30pm-2:30pm Brad Lea – Provocative Strategies to Win the Sale
2:30pm-3:30pm Sam Taggart
3:30pm-4pm Break
4pm-5:30pm Andy Elliott – Become an Elite Sales Warrior
5:30pm-6pm Brad, Andy, Sam, Brian & Devin – Rapid Fire Q&A
6pm End of Day 2

Meet The Speakers

Brad Lea

Speaking Topic: Provocative Strategies to Win the Sale – Turning Confidence and Influence into Closing Deals

Brad Lea is the founder of Lightspeed VT, the most advanced training platform on the market. Soon-to-be billionaire and host of the Dropping Bombs Podcast, Brad Lea built LightSpeed VT into a multi-million dollar global tech company from scratch. As its Founder and CEO, his vision led to LightSpeed VT becoming the world’s leading interactive training system – a system that he’s proud to share. Brad has helped generate millions for countless companies and individuals, including heavy hitters Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Grant Cardone, Tom Hopkins, World Series Poker, Top Chef, Chase Bank, and so many more. He’s also been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine, GCTV, and is a regular guest on several top-rated podcasts such as The $ales Podcast, Success is a Choice and The Inner Changemaker.

In today’s business world, success often comes down to the ability to turn ideas into sales. Many professionals struggle to strike the perfect balance between influence and confidence that is required to do just that. In this powerful keynote, we will dive deep into provocative strategies to win the sale that focus on harnessing the power of influence and confidence to close the deal. Discover the secrets to inspiring trust and creating meaningful connections to create outrageous success – and how to handle the inevitable backlash when others don’t agree with your approach. This keynote will ultimately explore how to build a personal brand of power and influence while resisting the temptation to become too edgy.

Sam Taggart

Sam Taggart, founder of The D2D Association, D2DCon, Speaker, Author of ABC$ of Closing, Podcaster, and CEO of The D2D Experts. Built a multiple-seven-figure consulting firm in under three years. Consulted over 250 businesses nationwide creating, implementing, and growing door-to-door programs. After selling over 400 personal alarm accounts, leading him to be #1 at Vivint, and being the former VP of Solcius, he felt compelled to create something greater. Sam has a strong passion for influencing and leading others. Sam’s mission is to unify, uplevel, and bring honor and integrity to the D2D industry. Spends a lot of time on empowering youth through his education and training program “Streets Smarts” teaching them how to learn communication and hustle at a young age. Founded two successful tech platforms, Recruit-O-Matic and Vanilla Message and is an avid Real Estate and Crypto Investor. Sam is full of energy and his motto is “FULL SEND” as he continues to try and challenge himself in all aspects of life: running Ironman marathons, music, traveling, and learning new skills.

Andy Elliott

Speaking Topic: Become an Elite Sales Warrior: Harnessing the Power of Mindset, Leadership & Hustle in 2023 with Andy Elliott

Andy Elliott owns the Fastest Growing Automotive Sales Training Company in the world and is now also dominating the entrepreneur sales training space. The Elliott Group is currently doing business in 127 different countries and is training over 350,000 sales people. Andy’s goal is to take ANY Sales Person and Triple Their Skill within 30 days… and he’s doing it! Andy’s training covers closing, negotiating, objection handling, phone skills, lead generation, leadership, how to build a deadly sales team, and tons more.

Andy Elliott is going to make you want to reach for more. Most people will live in mediocrity and be average their entire life. After Andy’s training you will no longer tolerate weak paychecks or being 2nd place to anyone ever again. Andy is going to teach you sales, closing, lead generation, leadership, mindset, and everything you will need to know to make more money than you ever imagined in 2023 and become the person you always wanted to become! NEVER let anyone talk you out of being great! Andy watches sales people get stuck and not scale and he’s sick of it! It’s time to become an elite sales warrior and become the top 1% earner in your industry which pays big!!!! It’s time to retrain your thinking and learn the skill that will change your entire life forever. The decision needs to be made. The path needs to be set. This event is the way to your new life. It’s time to train. It’s time to bet on you. It’s time to hustle harder. It’s time to see things that others can’t see. You are one move away from massive success. See you at Closer School Live!

Rene Rodriguez

Speaking Topic: The Closer’s Cheat code: – Harness the Power of Neuro-Science to close more deals

Considered by many as the leading authority on leadership and influence, Rene Rodriguez is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, leadership advisor, and transformational speaker coach. For the last 27 years, René has been researching and applying behavioral neuroscience to solve some of the toughest challenges in leadership, sales, and change. As an entrepreneur and CEO of multiple companies, Rene integrates a practical business approach that inspires his audiences to take action. Through his keynote, boot camps, workshops and proprietary Amplifii™ course, he helps us own our backstory to build the frame for not only our unique value propositions but also a beautiful picture of life. His audiences describe him as “powerful”, “thought-provoking”, and “authentic”. They say things like, “you could hear a pin drop as everyone was so captivated.” The result: greater influence, personal transformation, and immediate results in business and life by engaging with courage and grace. His Best Selling book AMPLIFY YOUR INFLUENCE can be found on Amazon and all major retailers.

This keynote will explore how to use the latest developments in neuro-science to unlock the hidden power of closing more deals. You’ll discover how to use data-driven techniques to maximize your sales results in any market, as well as how to influence and persuade prospects through powerful tactics rooted in the science of the human brain. You’ll leave with practical strategies that you can use to increase your success and make the process of closing deals more predictable and enjoyable.

Cody Askins

Founder of 8% Nation, CEO of Cody Askins LLC, Co-Owner of Secure Agent Marketing, speaker, entrepreneur, and author of Zero To Six Figures, Creator of the Cody Askins YouTube Channel which has amassed over 76,000 subscribers… Cody Askins owns & operates eight companies totaling more than $40M in annual revenue. CA is also the founder of The 8% Movement & The 8% Nation Conference, the industry’s largest event for all insurance agents to attend.

Carlos Reyes

Carlos was brought to the United States Of America illegally as a little boy by his single mother. In order for his mom to raise Carlos and his two siblings His mother worked 2 some times 3 jobs simultaneously and never made more than $8.25 an hour.

After decades of struggling he became a US citizen, thanks to his mother’s effort. He then decided to quit a 12 year corporate job in 2013 to pursue the dream of building his own Real Estate investment company. With the help of his partner Sal Shakir, the company scaled quickly to be a national real estate powerhouse consistently producing multiple 7 figures every year in multiple markets across the country.

Since then, Carlos has gone on to launch and acquire 12 companies that he personally owns and operates and has also transitioned into the private equity space as a venture capitalist by acquiring equity in 17 private companies. Carlos presently resides in Arizona with his wife and 2 daughters. Carlos and his family are now truly living the American Dream.

Jordan Stupar

Speaker Title: The Sales Algorithm

What it is: A psychological, process-driven approach to selling that makes people actually want what you sell.

Jordan Stupar is the founder and owner of the fastest growing sales training and media creation companies in the country. Recognized globally as the creator of Cashcards: Flashcards for Closers, Jordan has established himself as a leading resource for today’s modern sales professional and was recently named one of the top 20 entrepreneurs to watch in 2023 by LA Weekly.

After creating and successfully selling his SaaS company in 2020, Jordan pursued his passion for helping salespeople and sales organizations significantly increase sales and expand their digital footprint.

Jordan’s newer, sharper and creative approach to sales training enabled him to quickly scale his business to multiple 7-figures in only 18 months. Unless you sell to trees and animals, Jordan’s psychological and process driven methods will help you sell more.

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